Welcome to the Onyx Hawk Squadron website which is a Cooperative & Active Fleet on Star Trek Online

- You must be at least level 5.

- You must be at least 16 years of age, 18 preferred.*

This fleet is part of the Pearl Dagger Gaming Community that is formed of players that are playing several different games. We have use of a Team Speak 3 server, we do not require our members to use it , but we do recommend they do, as it makes it much easier when grouping with fleet mates and developing new friendships. The server is

With regards to our website and forums again we do not require our members to sign up on them, but once again we do recommend that you do so. The reason for this is it helps the command staff keep track of all of our members, so nobody gets over looked. 

We are currently updating our rank structure system inline with our current recruitment drive.  In place we have a basic system set up to cover new members who join us to clearly understand their position in regards to resources available via the Fleet Bank, Starbase & Embassy.

Though the titles and terms may change, the process that drives them will not. Currently a new recruit, you, will have to be in the fleet a minimum of 1 week and have contributed 30,000 overall FLEET CREDITS to be promoted to a Flight, and to your next level.  This will earn you basic acces to the Fleet Bank.  To be eligible for further resource access as well as Starbase & Embassy access, you will need to be in your third rank.